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Following a New York Times Report that exposed widespread exploitation of workers in nail salons (http://davidddishman.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-price-of-nice-nails.html), NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a “Bill of Rights” for workers that must be posted in every nail salon in the state. The Governor also called on customers to question salon policies.
The “Bill of Rights for Nail Workers” are printed in ten languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. It advises workers of their rights, regardless of immigration status. This includes information on minimum wage, safety measures that owners must comply with, and actions employers are banned from doing (such a taking tips or wages, denying a meal break, etc.)salon-workers-bill-of-rights
The information card given to consumers includes the “top five things to ask when entering nail salons.” This includes: (1) are workers paid at least the minimum wage and overtime; (2) is appropriate protective equipment provided to workers and used; (3) is there adequate ventilation; (4) is the salon business license posted in plain view; and (5) is the Bill of Rights for Nail Salon Workers posted in plain view?
The hope is that reform throughout the industry will occur more quickly if consumers only visit salons that appear to be in compliance with labor and safety regulations.

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