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The legal uncertainty among Uber drivers will soon be resolved. On September 1st, a federal judge has certified a class-action lawsuit, which should determine whether Uber drivers are employees or independent contractors

California has already made some steps toward classifying Uber drivers as employees. “[T]he California Labor Commissioner’s Office said that a driver for the ride-hailing service Uber should be classified as an employee, not an independent contractor.” Thus, it is likely that the class action lawsuit will favor Uber drivers and classify them as employees.

If Uber drivers are classified as employees they would be eligible for well-deserved health benefits, worker’s compensation and work expenses including fuel, tolls, and even car repairs.

Uber is appealing the class certification, stating that the company does not operate as a taxi service. Rather, it is a “technology platform connecting drivers and passengers.” The company further states that it offers its drivers the flexibility that an employee would not otherwise receive.

It will be interesting to see what the court determines in the near future. I would also be interested to see what are your thoughts on this topic. Please share!




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